In: News 02 Oct 2015


Alexandria University is working on the networking and protocols activities in order to ensure the GR.ENE.CO prosecution. Particularly, the Egyptian partner actively worked to creating an Arab commission about RES use with the participation of the Egyptian Society for Renewable Energy, Jordan Society for Energy, and other organizations from Arab League countries.
Finally, the Egyptian partner is working on the creation of a partners network to apply for other calls in the field of RES as Musharafa and Eranetmed projects.

In: News 01 Oct 2015

top-greneco-newsletterCagliari hosts the GR.ENE.CO second mid-term conference, project sponsored by Italy, Egypt and Lebanon to support the development of the green economy in the Mediterranean countries.
Thursday, 8th October at Caesar’s Hotel (Sala Manuela, 10:30 am), representatives from the Ministry of the Agriculture of the Republic of Lebanon, Alexandria University and Beirut Arab University, and renewable energies experts will participate in the second mid-term conference of the GR.ENE.CO project.
The project is funded by European Commission with a contribution of 1.797.457,50 by 20007-2013 ENPI CBC MED Programme. Main objective is to improve the energy efficiency by spreading the use of renewable energy as main power source, particularly at farm level in order to contribute to reduce greenhouse effect emissions and mitigate the effects of climate changes.
Laura Casta (Communication Manager), Alessio Satta (ENPI CBC MED Project Officer), Hamze Jammoul (ENPI CBC MED Programme expert), Raimondo Schiavone (Project Manager), Hadi Abou Chakra (Beirut Arab University), Abd El Elwahab Shalaby Kassem (Alexandria University), Majida Mcheik e Zaher Ayoub (ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lebanon), Franco Murgia (IPSAR) e Matteo Monni (ITABIA) take floor.
During the conference, mid-term activities and results will be descripted: networking actions, promotion of financial package instruments, public and private initiatives related to pilot project plants.
Among project activities, the GAL Sarcidano – Barbagia di Seulo (lead partner) launched two public calls for grants addressed to Sardinian farms for implementing green energy system and the second to allocate 4 voucher to participate in the study visits to Egypt and Lebanon.

In: News 15 Sep 2015


The Sardinian Forest Institute published again the public call for grants addressed to Sardinian farms for implementing green energy systems. As before, the call is addressed to farms from Sarcidano, Barbagia di Seulo and the province of Nuoro. The new deadline is 10/10/2015.
Fore more details:

In: News 15 Sep 2015

The employment of young people under 35 in agriculture has grown consistently in the recent time. During the first quarter of 2015 growth was of 12%.
Young people are the main character in farmland and most of them decide to invest on renewable energies as main energy source. The growth of jobs pulls the agricultural sector with a record boost of 6,2% in the number of employees which is 10 time bigger than the average of the first quarter of 2015.
Sardinian is in line with national data. In fact, the number of Sardinian young is bigger and they are motivated and skilled. Today, farmland is not a second-best but an important opportunity that Sardinia is getting.

In: News 15 Sep 2015

Thanks to GR.ENE.CO project, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lebanon supports local private farms in implementing pilot projects in the RE sector. Farms can ask for a contribution of 9,000 € from GR.ENE.CO and just in case the amount of their intervention is higher the Ministry shall cover the difference by a dedicated fund. Local farms may also subscribe an agreement, get a bank guarantee and be supported by a Lebanese management unit until the plant trial.

In: News 31 Aug 2015

One of the main Lebanese newspaper in Arabic has recently published a note about GR.ENE.CO project in which H.E. Akram Cheheyab, Ministry of Agriculture of Lebanon, positively evaluates the project ongoing. Particularly, he said that the shift to renewable energies represents a way back to traditional production system favorable for both economy and environment especially for Lebanon where the climate is very suitable for the development of green energy: sun, wind and water are special good of Lebanon.
Mrs. Majida Mcheik stressed on the effectiveness of the project activities especially for the implementation of nine energy plants in the national territory. Thus, studies, researches, promotional and communication campaigns, a network for data and info sharing, training courses are the main actions under implementation.

Here the original link: http://assafir.com/Article/438055

In: News 29 May 2015

Zaher Ayoub greneco



ENSIAP project – funded by 2007-2013 ENPI CBC MED – organized an international conference “Sustainable Water Integrated Management in the South Mediterranean: Matching Efficient Irrigation & Renewable Energy Sources” last 06/05/2015 at the Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut.

Green energies is one of the issue discussed during the meeting. Mr. Zaher Ayoub, GR.NE.CO local coordinator for the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture, spoke about GR.ENE.CO commitment in the field of renewable energies.

ENSIAP in collaboration with another EU funded project “Sustainable Water Integrated Management – Support Mechanism – SWIM-SM” realized the event with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of Lebanon.




In: News 20 May 2015



In reference to the GR.ENE.CO pilot project, the Sardinian Forest Institute published a public call for grant addressed to Sardinian farms for implementing green energy systems. Farms from Sarcidano, Barbagia di Seulo and the province of Nuoro may apply. The deadline is 15/06/2015 at 14:00 (Italian hour).




In: News 14 May 2015




The ITC L. Oggiano of Siniscola (Nuoro) will host the next GR.ENE.CO Green Behaviour seminars on 23/05/2015.



In: News 06 May 2015



Two vocational high schools of the city of Nuoro (Sardinia) – IPAA and IPSIA – will host the Green Behavior seminars next 8th of May 2015. Students may learn about environment issues thanks to the teaching of professors and experts.