In: News 04 May 2015

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On 18 April 2015 Beirut Arab University and the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture have carried out two seminars on Green Behavior to raise awareness on the GR.ENE.CO project’s aims and to shed the light on Renewable Energies, energy and environment saving at local level. The seminars were held in the Ministry of Agriculture. The first seminar was addressed to 20 technicians from the ministry and the second was addressed to 25 students from the Faculty of Agriculture at the Lebanese University.



In: News 04 May 2015

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On 4st of May, the protocol about green energies has been launched as main result of the networking action of the GR.ENE.CO project. The protocol involves both public and private entities with the aim of spreading green tools in the concerned area. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lebanon, H.E. Akram Chehayeb confirms the government commitment to product energy from RES even using other channels. The Beirut Arab University Dean Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, Mr. Hamze Jammoul, Programme Expert at JMA ENPI CBC MED 2007-2013, and Mr. Gianandrea Sardi, Director of UTL Development Cooperation Office – Italian Embassy in Beirut participated.

“To contribute to the reduction of the traditional energy sources consumption is the main Ministry of Agriculture objective. The Ministry thanks the European Union and the JMA of the ENPI CBC MED Program,” said Mrs. Majida Mcheik from the Ministry of Agriculture and GR.ENE.CO local coordinator. She illustrated the main project activities already done in Lebanon that have recently involved both private and public sectors to spread and enforce green energies in the agriculture sector.



In: News 17 Apr 2015


Last 15th April, GRENECO participated to the 1st Regional Capitalization conference for cooperation project funded by ENPI CBC MED. The conference – organized by LANDCARE MED project in Cagliari – aims at providing an opportunity to dialogue between all actors in Sardinia who participated or are participating in projects financed by the ENPI CBC MED Programme 2007-2013 on issues of waste and environmental sustainability. Mrs. Anna Maria Catte, General Director of ENPI CBC MED JMA described the results achieved by the 2007-2013 Programme and the purposes of the new period 2014-2020.



In: News 13 Apr 2015

On 14th April 2015 awareness campaign addressed to Sardinian high school students starts. The second level college of science of Nuoro “Enrico Fermi” will be the first to host the GR.ENE.CO Green Behavior seminars. The seminars intend to promote the values of environment respect and saving, and foster the adoption of green behavior in the daily life.




In: News 13 Apr 2015

Il 14 aprile 2015 parte in Sardegna l’attività di sensibilizzazione rivolta agli studenti degli istituti superiori prevista dal progetto GR.ENE.CO. Il Liceo Scientifico Statale “Enrico Fermi” di Nuoro sarà il primo ad ospitare i seminari sul comportamento verde con l’obiettivo di promuovere il rispetto e la salvaguardia dell’ambiente, e incoraggiare l’adozione di comportamenti ecosostenibili.






In: News 13 Mar 2015

The new cooperation programme ENI 2014-2020 has been launched last 12 December 2014 in Rome.

New programme priorities are support to SMEs, renewable energies and sustainable environment, social inclusion and fight against poverty, research and innovation. A specific session called New challenges for Mediterranean cooperation hosted politicians, and representatives from European institutions and Mediterranean governments aiming at fostering a common vision on European Neighbourhood Policy and how to properly contribute in political, economy, cultural and social integration in the Mediterranean.

All 95 projects funded by ENPI 2007-2013 have been shown in a special exhibition, GR.ENE.CO included.





In: News 12 Mar 2015


GR.ENE.CO project is organizing seminars about green behavior addressed to second high school students. For each country, involved partners – Beirut Arab University, Alexandria University, ITABIA and IPSAR – are to select schools in the referring area of Egypt, Lebanon and Sardinia. Seminars goal is to let students to understand the green values of the respect and environment protection adopting a daily sustainable behavior. Green sector experts and important testimonials will be invited to participate into the seminars.

About 600 students per country will be involved, for a total number of 1800.

Seminars have already started in Egypt. Next one will be on 15-16 March (Elshatby Mechanical High School), 18-19 March (EGC), 22-23 March (Elras Elsouda Agriculture High School) and 25-26 March (Elsalam Agriculture High School).

Italian and Lebanese seminars are about starting soon.




In: News 12 Mar 2015


GR.ENE.CO staff is working on the constitution of a network of entities and organizations external to the project partnership. The aim is to guarantee an effective prosecution and capitalization of the project results and achieved objectives. This activity includes conference calls, phone calls and emails sharing aiming at involving about 150 entities.

The network represents a moment of outmost importance in the project life concerning the spreading of renewable energies in agriculture by involving organizations external to the project. For this reason, a promotional campaign and an online forum is going to be realized.

The project website includes a specific session for the network to support its definition and for further data and methodologies sharing. LAG Sarcidano-Barbagia of Seulo, Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture, Alexandria University – supported by the Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce – are directly involved in the network definition.

Networking action has just started in Lebanon. Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture organized a meeting on 4th March at its premises aiming at launching a GR.ENE.CO Data Exchange session in its website. 85 public and private organizations have been invited to participate. 34 people in behalf of municipalities, cooperatives, local and international organizations, and universities participated.

Mrs. Majida Mcheik, local coordinator of GR.ENE.CO, took the floor focusing on the importance of renewable energies for the environment safeguard and sustainable development. During the meeting, a special issue was the irrigation and the methodologies for avoiding water wasting by using a proper renewable energy source and the role of Municipalities in the spreading of renewable energies.




In: News 27 Jan 2015


Middle East and North Africa will be soon the core of next green energy growth. In the MENA area, the renewable energy production will double by the end of 2015. In fact, the solar and wind energy capacity will growth up to 3,9 GW in 2015 starting from the current 1,5 GW. Middle East and Africa developed the green energy production in order to reach all areas.

In addition to the growing need to satisfy the energy demand in these areas, few countries as China, USA and several European countries have started to look at Africa as the favorite place for doing investments in photovoltaic technologies. Also MENA governments have started to look at green energy as economy and efficient solution to energy demand. As a result, these areas developed letting countries supplied with traditional energy sources to do business on renewable sources focusing on export.







In: News 26 Jan 2015


The first midterm conference of the GR.ENE.CO project held last 18th December 2014 in Cagliari at Hotel Regina Margherita. First year achieved results and RES opportunities in agriculture have been shown as well as project activities, objectives and communication actions. Alexandria University, Beirut Arab University and Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture illustrated the run of the project in Egypt and Lebanon. About 60 people participated into the event. Among them, the Sardinian trainees of the Green Energy Promoter course who received the attendance certificate from the GAL Sarcidano-Barbagia di Seulo (project lead partner). All partners’ representatives also participated.