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Last 30th October in Dbayeh, the Beirut Arab University under the patronage of the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture launched the Green Energy Promoter training course. The Ministry, the Chancellor of the University, professors and students from the Department of Engineering participated.

The Ministry, H.E. Akram Chehayeb, the Chancellor Mr. Amr Gala El-Adawi, Mrs. Majida Mcheik from Ministry of Agriculture and Professor Hadi Abou Chakra during their speeches underlined the importance of the initiative that will give to southern bank of the Mediterranean new opportunities for energy self-sufficiency  and RES implementation.



In: News 01 Dec 2014



“Renewable Energy Sources: development opportunities for farms” is the title of the two seminaries addressed to farmers held in Nuoro and Isili last November 2014, 20th and 21th respectively.

Specialists in the field of green energy discussed about:

  • Development opportunities from green energy
  • RES as answer to Sardinian farms crisis
  • Subsidizes and financial tools for RES implementation in Sardinia
  • Type of RES suitable for Sardinian case



In: News 01 Dec 2014




Sardinia will host the first mid-term conference of the GR.ENE.CO project, which involve Italy, Lebanon and Egypt in the spreading of RES in agriculture. The event will be next 18th December in Cagliari (h 11:00), at Regina Margherita Hotel, Sala Castello following the kick-off meeting of last April in Egypt.

The conference will include two sessions.

The morning session – open to the public – will focus on the main project items (scheduled activities and objectives), illustrating the trend analysis of the project and reached intermediate results, closing with the attendance certificate exercises for Sardinian GEP trainees. The evening session will start at 16:00 and will be a closed-door meeting for project partners that will discuss about next activities planning and monitoring of closed activities.

Friday, 19th December the conference will move to Isili (CA) at GAL Sarcidano – Barbagia di Seulo premises for the third session addressed to partners with a particular focus on communication activities.

All entities and organizations involved in GR.ENE.CO from Italy, Lebanon and Egypt will soon have the opportunity to discuss about a successful project implementation.  In fact, all partners representatives will take the floor that are: GAL Sarcidano – Barbagia di Seulo, Alexandria University, Beirut Arab University, Ministry of Agriculture of Lebanon, C.C.I.A.A. Nuoro, Italian – Arab Chamber of Commerce, ITABIA, IPSAR, Sardinian Forest Institute.


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Beirut Arab University under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lebanon is organinizing two workshops about RES addressed to farms. The workshops will be held in the BAU Bekaa Campus on 10th December and in Debbieh Campus on 11th December.

Prof. Hadi Abou Chakra (local coordinator for the Beirut Arab University), Eng. Majida Mcheik, and Eng. Zaher Ayoub from the Ministry will took the floor to illustrate “green opportunities” for farmers.


RES workshop Invitation

In: News 01 Dec 2014




The Green Energy Promoter course in Sardinia has just finished.

The training of about 200 hours has been held in Isili, at GAL Sarcidano – Barbagia di Seulo offices. The trainees coming from all Sardinia region have attended classes and participated in study visits to local companies, particularly Novamont in Porto Torres (SS) and Sardinia Bio Energy in Serramanna (CA).

The course – totally free of charge – has provided a multidisciplinary training, focused on environment, energy, law with a particular view on the green economy.

The new-trained Green Energy Promoters are now able to support local farms in the adoption of renewable energy sources and to work with Public Administration and private organizations for managing supporting services for RES uses.


In: News 18 Nov 2014

A representative from the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC) / MED-DESIRE project participated on Friday 31 October 2014 in the opening ceremony of the Green Energy Promoter course by the ENPI CBC MED project GR.ENE.CO at the Beirut Arab University (BAU) campus in Debbieh, Lebanon.  «The objective of the course is to provide in-depth training for a new professional role: the Green Energy Promoter. The promoter will be able to help companies to choose a green agricultural system and leading them in the path to RES implementation offering its technical and administrative support». The course is offered free of charge. It will last for about 200 hours. The starting date is on the 27th of October 2014 and the end date is on the 12th of December 2014 and it is being given at Beirut Arab University, BAU premises in Debieh.  The opening ceremony was under the patronage of H.E. Lebanese Minister of Agriculture, Akram Shehayeb.  GR.ENE.CO Green Energy for Green Companies aims to contribute to the reduction of the use of non-renewable energy sources – especially for the farm industry – in favor of renewable energy sources in the Mediterranean sea basin.

In: News 21 Oct 2014

The Green Energy Promoter Course has started today in Isili, Sardinia. It represents a crucial part of the GR.ENE.CO project, which involves Italy, Egypt and Lebanon, with Sardinia as lead partner.

23 aspiring promoters will attend the training course, gaining a deep expertise in the field of green energies in order to support local farms in adopting RES.

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Alexandria University, Grants, Innovation & Technology, Transfer Center – GITTC has just closed the selection procedure for the Green Energy Promoter Course in Egypt. The lessons will start next October, 26th.

Look at Course time table and list of trainees


In: News 26 Sep 2014

Even Sardinian local TV Videolina broadcasts the promotional spot about Green Energy Promoter course. Watch the video on this link.



In: News 22 Sep 2014

Green Energy Promoter course has been promoted by ENPI. Have a look to the official ENPI website: http://www.enpicbcmed.eu/communication/become-green-energy-promoter-greneco-project-selects-candidates-egypt-italy-and-lebano