GR.ENE.CO looks to new EU programming for the Mediterranean

In: More, News 15 Oct 2015

12079492_866210370158818_7294314939518181371_nCAGLIARI – GR.ENECO project goes head. Within few months of its finalization, the second mid-term conference pointed out the achieved results. Sardinia has a double role: first, it is the ENPI CBC MED Managing Authority and thus the GAL Sarcidano – Barbagia di Seulo is the lead partner of several public and private partners.
Founded by the 2007-2013 ENPI CBC MED Programme with a contribute of 1.797.000€, GR.ENE.CO project contributes to support the development of the green economy in the three Mediterranean countries, to improve the energy efficiency by spreading the use of renewable energies particularly at level of productive activities contributing to reduce greenhouse effect emissions.
Important news from Sardinia: the pilot project in Gergei (Cagliari) has been finished with the implementation of a plant (45kw) that will supply 3 local farms. It is a very important result following the one realized in Lebanon.
The three countries involved in the project have positively ended the Green Behaviour Seminar addressed to students and aimed at promoting eco-friendly behavior. In Egypt, thanks to the project, the Ministry for Education means to use the project results and introduce the issues of the seminars in the national programmes for technical institutes. Egyptian partners pointed out a slowdown in the activities implementation due to the domestic political situation but they also underlined the importance of the gender issue in the seminars. In Sardinia, the course closed with the participation of about 600 students from secondary schools. They have been involved in education and training activities about renewable energies, environment, eco-friendly behavior, supported by tablets.
Concerning networking action – aimed at ensuring the project prosecution – in Egypt Alexandria University is proactive in creating an Arab commission about the use of the renewable energies in collaboration with the Egyptian Renewable Energies society, the Jordan Society for Energy and other organizations from Arab League countries. In Lebanon, the networking action and the protocols lead to the signature of an important agreement between public and private operators, NGOs and other organizations, sponsored by the Ministry
The Conference of Cagliari has been the occasion to look to the future: the next 2014 – 2020 ENI CBC Programme will keep being the investment in the green energies as main energy source. The new programme will be approved by the end of the 2015 and the first call will be launched next summer 2016. It will have 2 main objectives, 4 specific thematic objectives and 11 priorities. The main challenge of the cooperation area is to create jobs and economy opportunities to reduce the high levels of unemployment. “The environment safeguard and the adaptation to climate change” keep being an important focus of the programme.
Particularly, water, waste and energy management as well as the conservation of the coastal zones will be the focus in order to contribute to a sustainable Mediterranean area.
According to the programming document, the European Union has allocated more than 209 billion euros to the 2014-2020 ENI CBC MED, about the 1/5 of the overall funds. The Joint Monitoring Committee representing 14 countries (Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Palestine, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia) is responsible for the strategy and implementation of the new programme.

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