Second mid-term conference in Cagliari: achieved results and future development

In: More, News 10 Oct 2015

eThe GR.ENE.CO Second Mid-Term Conference held in Cagliari last 8th October to illustrate mid results achieved. Particularly, the three countries involved in the project have positively ended the Green Behaviour Seminar addressed to students and aimed at promoting eco-friendly behavior.
In Egypt – where the gender issue had a big focus – thanks to the project, the Ministry for Education means to use the project results and introduce the issues of the seminars in the national programmes for technical institutes.
In Sardinia, the course closed with the participation of about 600 students from secondary schools. They have been involved in education and training activities about renewable energies, environment, eco-friendly behavior supported by tablets.
Concerning ongoing activities, Alexandria University (Egypt) is active in creating an Arab commission about the use of the renewable energies in collaboration with the Egyptian Renewable Energies society, the Jordan Society for Energy and other organizations from Arab League countries.
In Lebanon, the networking action and the protocols lead to the signature of an important agreement between public and private operators, NGOs and other organizations, sponsored by the Ministry. The commitment is to invest in green energies as main source by establishing the supporting role of the Ministry in the implementation of actions.
Finally, in Sardinia the first Italian pilot project is under work. A photovoltaic plant of 45 kw will be implemented in Gergei, in the province of Cagliari to supply three local farms.

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