Visit to the Sardinia Bioenergy company in Serramanna (Sardinia – Italy)

In: News 09 Dec 2015


The GR.ENE.CO delegation made of partner representatives (Alexandria University and Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lebanon) and farmers from Egypt and Lebanon has visited today the Sardinia Bio Energy in Serramanna (CA). It is a power plant fed through renewable sources with electric nominal power of 13.3 Mw and thermal power of 49.5 Mw. The plant in Serramanna produces on a yearly basis, approx. 100,000 Mw of power, energy able to satisfy the demand of over 30,000 families. The company stocks up in Italy and abroad, whether directly through its own means and forest operators, and also through a selected number of suppliers who provided finished products to the plant, and experiments various agro-energy cultures, in order to identify the best biomasses to satisfy future demand.






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